Marbella luxury villas for sale

Marbella luxury villas for sale

Today I have an exclusive offer for you – marbella luxury villas for sale.
First villa: Luxury villa with a spacious pool
Price: seven hundred thousand euros
Number of rooms: two + kitchen and toilet


When we enter a luxury villa, at first glance we are interested in a large spacious pool, which is illuminated by blue lights. The cladding of the facade opposite the house is white-gray. There are two sun loungers by the pool. The villa also has an indoor pool where you can swim if it is cold outside. The house has a beautiful terrace, which is very amazing and it is possible to have breakfast every day while looking at the outdoor nature. There are trees around the terrace, which give the villa a pleasant impression. When we enter the house, we are first interested in the kitchen, which has a very elegant and modern impression and is furnished in a modern style. It is set in white-beige. Furthermore, we can see the living room, which is very spacious and everything matches the beige color. There is also a table and chairs for sitting, which are very made of comfortable material, so you feel comfortable and in the living room we can see things to strengthen. There is also a beige bedroom and the curtains are white. There is also a toilet and a bathtub.
Second villa: atypical villa by the sea


Price: five hundred thousand euros
Number of rooms: three + kitchen, bathroom and garden
The second villa is very atypical, because it is close to the sea, but it has a beautiful and peaceful impression. The villa has a slightly mysterious impression. The color of the villa is brown, but it really looks elegant. The villa has three rooms: living room, bedroom and children\’s room + kitchen, bathroom and garden. It\’s a really beautiful villa, so if you suffer from true luxury, this villa is the right one for you.